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TRC-24MC Remote Site Monitoring Scheduling & Control System

The TRC-24MC is offered as an economical solution to remote site monitoring, event-scheduling and control. It is highly scalable and designed to monitor and control an increasing number of points at a remote site. The basic configuration incorporates the capability to monitor 24-inputs and control 24-outputs in a 1U-high rack-mount chassis, with remote monitoring/alarm, scheduling & control over TCP/IP Networks.

The TRC station can thus monitor up to (24) digital (contact closure or TTL) inputs and control 24 (1-FormC Relay) outputs for status monitoring and control of equipment and perimeter at a remote site. The controlled outputs can also be remotely scheduled from the Web-page with log-view capable.

If needed, the TRC system can be expanded with additional TRC slave chassis connected in daisy-chain to the master unit complete with embedded Web-Server and SNMP protocol for a single IP-port access.

Alarms are sent as SNMP traps & Text-Email to designated recipients and to Network Operation Centers. Remote access over the Network for status monitoring and schedule/control of equipment at the site can be done from SNMP Network manager at the control center or from a Web-page by local/regional technical staff, using any Web-browser.

For a larger number of controlled outputs, the TRC-144C is available with the capability to control up to 144 contact closure outputs.

Tekron manufactures remote signal and site monitoring/control systems for TV, FM and AM Broadcast Transmission sites.