TRC-8RF Remote Site & RF-Output Monitoring

The TRC-8RF is part of the TRC-12 product solution designed for Remote Site Monitoring & Control of signals & passive infrastructure (for site security, environmental, Power AC & DC and RF-Signals).

The TRC-8RF is specifically configured for Radio-Repeater remote Site monitor and control applications, to monitor critical site passive infrastructure, as well as the repeater RF-power output, with remote control and scheduling capabilities.

The TRC-8RF design objective is to allow technical maintenance personal to access any remotely deployed unit from their smart phone to monitor/control and verify the Radio Repeater Health, to configure and set monitor-alarm & control parameters from its Web-Interface (GUI), as well as monitor alarm status & verify parameters level (RF-output, temperature, voltages…etc) in real-time to take immediate action. In addition, failure alarms are sent automatically via Email to designated persons, and snmptrap to NMS PC-station if available.

TRC-8RF monitor & control capabilities:

  • Eight (8) external analog inputs to monitor voltages and sensors (Temp/Hum…etc)
  • Eight (8) external digital input to monitor TTL and contact-closure alarms
  • Six (6) external relay control outputs.
  • Up to 3 RF-inputs available to monitor & measure Repeater(s) RF-power output.


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