LCM-2FS Stereo FM Transmitter Signal & Site Monitoring

The LCM-2FS is an economical and a cost-effective full-featured solution to Stereo-FM Transmitter Signal monitoring & alarm, and Site equipment monitoring & control over Ethernet Networks.


It is fully agile channel selection & alarm-threshold setting, for advanced monitoring of RF-level, Carrier Frequency, Audio Deviation and Audio Presence.


It also incorporates site Temperature & humidity alarm-monitoring, with additional analog/digital inputs, real-time & scheduled controlled outputs for remote site monitoring, alarm and control applications.


          -  RF level monitoring

          - Audio Presence

          -Audio Deviation

          -Monitor Transmitter Carrier Frequency

          -Built-in Temperature & Humidity Sensor

          -Embedded event-scheduler

          -Real time alarm status

          -Scheduled and real time Control

          -Remote Access TCP/IP Web interface & SNMP


The embedded scheduler is designed for remote event-scheduling of the controlled outputs for remote test & verification.


The embedded Web-server is designed for remote monitoring & control from a Web-page using any Web-Browser, with alarms sent via SMS, E-mails and SNMP-traps over the Network to designated recipients or monitor centers.


Ease of use Features:

        -Signal monitoring from a single RF-input BNC connector to monitor RF level, Frequency and audio

          presence & deviation.

        -Remote setting of FM monitored channel from the Web-page GUI.

        -Remote setting of Signal monitoring alarm-Thresholds from Web-page.

        -RF-level display on Web-page, with signal parameters status. Configurable analog/digital monitoring

         of each voltage/contact input.

        -Configurable controlled outputs for TTL and contact closure operation.

        -Configurable controlled outputs for momentary or latched operation.

        -Built-in calibrated Temperature & Humidity sensors with alarm threshold setting and Web-page real-

          time measurement display.

        -Logging of monitored signals & external inputs, and scheduled outputs.

        -IP-address, SNMP-alarm and Email-alarms are all set from Web-page.


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