The RSS-2VAS is a 3X1 automatic Stereo Audio with Video-follow switch with front panel and remote monitoring and switch override capability, which monitors the Left & Right audio of the main & backup inputs independently to switch automatically between three video/audio inputs depending on audio presence of each input being monitored. The RSS-2VAS switches to the backup input if either the Left or the Right audio of the main input drops below its Threshold level setting and after a set delay. If Left or Right audio of both of the main input and the backup input are below their Threshold level, the unit will switch to the third emergency input.


The delay and Threshold settings are internally adjustable for the Left and Right audio of main & backup inputs separately. Internally adjustable delays are also available before switching back on signal restoration. There is no delay for front panel or remote controlled switch override.


The RSS-2VAS accepts unbalanced audio for Left & Right audio of all three inputs. They internally converted to 600-ohm balanced audio, with an internal and separate gain adjustment for each. The unused/unselected video inputs are internally (75ohm) terminated. The RSS will pass the main video input on power loss.


Status LED’s are available on the front panel with a toggle switch to override the RSS automatic operation and force the output to either the main or the backup input.


The RSS-2VAS unit is available with RS-232 or Ethernet/IP port for remote status monitoring and switch override control from the SMC software. Remote control overrides both the RSS automatic operation and the front panel toggle switch and enables the operator to select any of the three-inputs.


BNC female connectors are available on the back for video inputs and output, with RCA plug for the unbalanced audio inputs and XLR for Left & Right audio outputs.



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