MX-16R RF-Broadband and Return Band Switch

The MX-16R is a scalable RF Broadband switch. It was initially designed for testing of return node feeds with switch control by technicians directly from the field. It can now be configured to switch up to 256 inputs to a single output, to pass the CATV Band and be controlled remotely via Web-page or SNMP over IP-Networks, and by DTMF-tone over dial-up line.


The MX-16R chassis can be used as a 16X1 switch, with the possibility of increasing the system input switching capacity by connecting additional MX-16R chassis as required.


For return-band switching applications requiring several switch outputs, where multiple operator access for testing is needed, the MX-1648PS (128X8 Matrix) can be used instead to connect several sweep & spectrum analyzers.


The system modularity allows operators to configure the system to satisfy their current needs, while retaining the capability and option of future expansion at the Headend or Hub site without interruption. An additional advantage to the system modular architecture is the possibility to install each MX-16R chassis in the bay closest to the (16) feeds to be switched, thus reducing the amount of cabling required at the site in a large switch configuration.



The MX-16R RF Broadband switching system is designed to satisfy remote controlled switching applications. Even though it can be integrated for automated test & measuring applications, we believe it gives the maintenance and Headend technicians an effective tool for diagnostic and to track & resolve problems.

The MX-16R system is cost effective solution that can be adapted to different environments and applications. Its multiple level remote access and control capabilities makes it an ideal tool for return band (Node) sweep & spectrum testing from the field. Located in the Headend and at remote secondary unmanned Hub sites, it can be switched remotely to select/connect the desired node to the sweep receiver or spectrum analyzer.


Another important application is the use of the MX-16R as a selector to bring in the desired CATV Broadband feed into the “SlingBox” for video/audio streaming of TV channels back to the main control center for visual & quality monitoring. This is an effective solution in remote secondary Hub sites where several feeds and channel line-ups exist.


With the introduction of IP-telephony to CATV system architecture, downtime is no longer an option, monitoring of RF-Broadband feed at the Fiber transmitter input is becoming more important. The MX-16R can be deployed to select a Broadband feed to bring it into a spectrum analyzer and/or a sweep receiver for quality monitoring and diagnostic.



The MX-16R offers 16X1 passive switching, with minimal insertion loss and High isolation between the sixteen inputs present in the chassis. It is an ideal tool for field “Node” testing and remote site TV channel monitoring. Passive switching is sought to maintain the integrity of the RF Broadband feeds being switched for testing by the maintenance technicians in the field.


Several MX-16R chassis are connected together in a daisy-chain to configure the switch to its optimum required size. It can thus be configured (as 16X1…32X1…64X1 ...128X1…etc) by simply looping communication link and RF output to additional MX-16R chassis, as illustrated in the application block diagrams to follow.


The MX-16R switching system is remotely controlled from the first chassis in the chain. Additional chassis are connected serially over RS-485 communication link via RJ-45 cable. The first MX-16R chassis in the chain incorporates an Ethernet-IP port for Network connection and a serial port for out-of-band access via dialup line. The system can this way, be controlled over Ethernet-IP Networks from a Web-page using a standard Web-Browser and SNMP protocol with multi-user capability and access restriction. I can also be controlled by DTMF-tone from a cell phone over regular telephone line with pass-code protection for field test and monitoring applications.


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