MX-18HCT FCC-Test-Signal Switching System

System advantage:

     - Complete Video & RF FCC testing

     - Cost saving: Requires only one VITS Inserter

     - Manpower saving: suitable for one man operation

     - Remote DTMF-tone control by cell phone with pass-code protection

     - Passive path-through of video & RF channels on power loss


System Features:

       - 2-RU high rack-mount chassis, 110VAC input, incorporating:

     - 9 independently controlled 3X1 video switches to pass regular video, terminate output, insert video

           sweep, or reroute video with VITS inserted test signal

     - 9 independently controlled 2X1 RF switches to pass regular RF channel or terminate output

     - All unused inputs are terminated

     - For VITS insertion, the selected video is routed for test signal insertion and switched in to replace the

          regular video at the output



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