RMS-4EQ Edge Qam Channel Redundancy Switching Station


With the deployment of Edge QAM Technology and DOCSIS 3.1 platform for the distribution & delivery of digital Broadcast and Narrowcast feeds in HUB sites, Tekron is now offering dedicated model for a complete Monitoring, Alarm & Redundancy of Broadcast Edge QAM channel feed and Narrowcast (DOCSIS 3.1) feed, for the protection of the CATV distribution system critical infrastructure services (VOD, SDV, Internet, ...etc).

The RMS-2RC automatic switching product family was initially designed for the redundancy of RF-Pilot channels to protect the CATV distribution system critical infrastructure in Headend and Hub Sites, herein listed in Tekron CATV redundancy switching products page below. They offered a universal redundancy switching design approach that is fully agile for use for different scenarios and applications, a fully agile design intended to facilitate and simplify the logistics of large deployment of RF-Pilot redundancy by MSO operators, and with the capability for future redeployment of the RMS redundancy switches.

The RMS was designed with the capability of monitoring individually multiple RF-Pilot channels (both analog & digital QAM) with precision and high stability from any CATV RF-Broadband feed, with alarm & redundancy Threshold setting different for each switch over a wide RF-level range of operation.

The RMS-4EQ monitors the combined Edge QAM channels output level, to detect individual QAM channel failure, as well as RF-Pilot channel(s) and the feed RF-Broadband power level for redundancy switching to a backup input receiving identical QAM channel alignment.

The RMS-4EQT provides the same Redundancy to Edge QAM-channel feed as above model, but it incorporates a second redundant switch that monitors and provide redundancy to DOCSIS 3.1 Narrowcast RF-feed.

The RMS-2RC & RMS-4EQ family of RF redundancy switching products feature:

  • High performance RF specifications for seamless, transparent, and highly reliable operation.
  • Broadband passive switch 5 MHz to 2GHz with minimal insertion loss, excellent RF isolation between inputs and the return loss throughout the Band to 1.2 GHz and beyond.
  • Remote & easily accessible over TCP/IP Networks for status monitoring, alarm and switch override & control in emergency from Web-Interface GUI, SNMP-trap & Email alarms and SNMP protocol for integration with CATV operators NOC Network management system.

Tekron RMS can be supplied with AC (85-235 V) or NEG48V-DC powering, with Single Supply, or Dual-Redundant supply operation with monitoring & alarm of each power supply.

Tekron Communication manufactures a complete line of RMS & RSS products for signal monitoring & automatic switching for redundancy of CATV Broadband & LNB/L-Band feeds, individual RF analog & QAM channels, digital ASI/SDI feeds, and Video & audio/4.5MHz, as well as embedded scheduled switching for remote Blackout & Local access applications, and the TRC-series for remote site passive infrastructure monitoring & control.


Tekron Communication is dedicated to work with Cable Television and Broadcast system operators to provide new solutions to their changing needs/span>

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