RSS1-ASI Digital ASI/SDI Automatic Redundancy Switch

The RSS1-ASI station incorporates an Automatic A/B switches to monitor independently digital Video feeds in DVB-ASI, with automatic switchover to the backup feed and return the main feed.


It offers high isolation environment between the ASI input feeds. The RSS1-ASI monitors independently and continuously the main & backup ASI input feeds to the switch for automatic switching and alarming. The threshold level at which it switches to the backup feed can be separately adjusted for each input. The additional monitoring of the backup input is intended to prevent blind switching to the backup input while that input is in alarm condition, and to send snmp-trap and email alarms to alert the operator of the backup input condition. It is also designed with fail-safe mechanism to prevent service interruption during power loss, as it will pass the main input to the output on power loss to the unit. The RSS1-ASI offers high isolation environment between the ASI input feeds.


A TCP/IP port is available at the back of the chassis for remote monitoring, alarm & control over the Network. While the SNMP protocol is used for alarming to and remote monitor/control by NOC “Network Operation Center”, with automatic email text-message alerts. An embedded Web-Server is also available to allow regional & local technical personal remote access (password protected) for status monitoring, switch override/control and to change some internal settings from a Web-page using any standard Web browser.


Remote control functions over the IP-Network include settings of switching Hysteresis & delays, and commands to disable automatic-return that would allow technical staff to resolve an ASI feed intermittent problem before returning to normal automatic switch operation. Monitoring the backup input feed can also be set remotely set to alarm only, thus preventing it from affecting the automatic switch operation.


The Hysteresis & delays between switchover to the backup input and switching back to the main input are designed for reliable automatic switching, and are remotely modifiable to allow the operator to set them to suit their particular system condition.


Local indication of the two input feeds and switch status are also available at the front panel, with a locking toggle for emergency switch override & control, with the capability for remote access via SNMP & Web-page to override the toggle switch.


With the addition of video-frame freeze detection capability, the RSS automatic switches offer a solid solution to MPEG decoder redundancy applications.


Tekron Communication manufactures a complete line of automatic switching RSS products for the Redundancy & Monitoring of CATV RF-Broadband & LNB/L-Band feeds, analog Video & audio/4.5 or RF channels in disaster recovery applications. Some models are also suitable and in use for community (PEG) channel automation/sharing or redundancy applications..


Tekron Communication is dedicated to work with Cable Television and Broadcast system operators to provide new solutions to their changing needs/span>

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