RSS-3T RF Broadband Automatic Switching Station for Multiple Headend Amplifier Redundancy

The RSS-3T automatic switch station incorporates three (3) Automatic A/B broadband switches. It was designed for the redundancy of multiple RF Broadband feeds to save on rack space in the main Headend, when redundancy needs to be added to a large number of Broadband amplifiers at the site.


It offers a high isolation environment between feeds with minimal insertion loss to 1GHz. Each switch module monitors independently both main and backup Broadband feeds for automatic switchover to the backup feed upon detection of failure of the main input with automatic return. The reason for monitoring backup input feeds is to prevent switching to a faulty input, and to send alarm immediately to “Network Operation Center” via SNMP traps and alert them of the backup input failure condition.


The Threshold level against which the input level is compared has a built-in Hysteresis and is front panel adjustable, separately for the main & backup inputs of each automatic switching module in the chassis.


 Front panel status LED are available to indicate RF level presence and switch position, with a toggle switch for local switch override and control. The RSS-3T also incorporates a Test-point on the front panel for each switch and input.


For remote monitoring, alarm and switch control, integrated Ethernet-IP and a serial RS-232 ports are available at the back panel. The Ethernet/IP port allows the setting of alarms, remote monitoring and switch control with SNMP protocol for integration to “Network Operation Center”, and allows remote monitoring and control from any Web Browser over the Network, with password protection for local/regional access by the technical staff.


A serial port is connected to a telephone line via modem for remote DTMF-tone phone (switch) control with pass-code protection that can be set from Web-page.


The RSS-3T like all other RSS automatic switching stations features passive bypass to pass-through the main input to the output in the event of power loss to the station.


Tekron RSS products offer unique solutions to signal back-up and redundancy in Headend & Hub sites. They address automatic switching applications of Broadband RF & L-Band feeds, digital ASI feeds, analog Video/Audio & IF channels, and single (selectable) CATV channels.


Tekron Communication is dedicated to work with Cable Television and Broadcast system operators to provide new solutions to their changing needs

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